6 Major Challenges For UAE Job Seekers- How To Overcome?

6 Major Challenges For UAE Job Seekers – How To Overcome?

UAE is one of the countries with the highest number of immigrants seeking jobs from across the globe, especially in Asia. It is understandable since UAE has opened up vast industries that offer exceptionally well salaries and professional growth.

The whole field of engineering is a significant attraction in the UAE. UAE has changed the game of infrastructure across the world. The highly complex building mainly involves mechanical, electrical, or even software engineers. On the other hand, the oil reserves and their development open up an opportunity of a lifetime for petrochemical engineers.

Because of the high chances of growth in the UAE, fresh graduates do not spare any opportunity to immigrate. Even the engineering internships in UAE have several applicants, so making decisions takes time. Still, there are enough opportunities to accommodate well-skilled individuals.

Besides engineering, business is also blooming in UAE. The high number of tourists is a significant plus point for the businessman who wants to sell their product or services. Blooming business leads to excellent job opportunities for accountants, CA, and people from marketing and business background.

6 Major Challenges For UAE Job Seekers

6 Major Challenges For UAE Job Seekers
6 Major Challenges For UAE Job Seekers

6 Major Challenges For UAE Job Seekers

Six significant challenges and their solution for Job seekers in UAE

1.     Cultural difference

Western countries’ immigrants have a major cultural shock when they move to UAE. The lifestyle and traditions are completely different as UAE is a Muslim region with Islamic rules and regulations applied in some parts of life.

The cultural difference between the Asian countries immigrants is comparatively less but still there. It is a little challenging to settle with the Arab traditions because they are unique. Muslims find UAE a better option to move to since they can practice their religious practices well, but they are also not barred from cultural differences.

However, you can handle this challenge. UAE has many multinational companies from across the world that offer high salaries and growth rates and have employees that you can culturally relate to. The number of foreign employees is very high, so you may find some workspace with people close to your culture. Even some Arab-based companies have a completely foreign workforce that is culturally connected somehow.

Secondly, non-Muslims are barred from practicing the Islamic religious rules providing them the liberty to exercise their beliefs. They can also dress how they want (following the basic office dress codes across the globe) and even consume alcohol while being responsible citizens.

2.     Climate

UAE has a hot climate that is the opposite of the western nations. Even Asian countries do not have such a harsh climate where rain is experienced once in a blue moon. This is a significant challenge for laborers who work outside luxury offices under the sun.

Heat strokes are prevalent, and dehydration is worst. However, individual companies consider the climate factor and take care of their employees’ well-being by ensuring they are hydrated on-site. The work hours could be compensated at night time to avoid heat stroke.

The desk jobs are under proper air conditioning, so the climate only affects you when traveling from the office to your home in UAE.

3.     Living expense

Living expense In UAE for western immigrants is lower than in their native countries, but Asian have to consider this factor before moving to UAE. The daily expenditures may be expensive for them in some parts of the UAE, so they should look for a job in the least expensive area to save up some money.

4.     Exchange rate

For developed western countries, the exchange rate is a drawback for them. Immigrants from western countries like the USA must know that the Dollar has a higher value than UAE Riyal (1Riyal= 0.27 USD). If they have a family to support back in their hometown, the amount they send may be reduced to an appreciable level. Nevertheless, this factor could be reduced as graduates from western countries have a high demand in the UAE market so they can get paid well enough to support their family at home without worrying about the exchange rate.

The exchange rate is a plus point for many Asian countries, so they are happy with it.

5.     Driving/ Transportation

Driving in Dubai is a difficult task. The driving rules are stringent, and it is tough to get a driving license there for immigrants. Despite the strict rules, the driving habits of the natives are hazardous. To avoid any mishap, you must apply the approach of safe driving and should always be focused and calm when on the road.

6.     Accommodation

Accommodation in Dubai is complicated as due to the high number of people arriving, the rooms have to be shared by a more significant number of people. If you want privacy and a good residence, you must do your homework before coming to UAE. It is best to ask any of your friends (if in UAE) to look for a comfortable space before moving to the UAE.

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