World Security Jobs – (17+Jobs Opening)

World Security

World Security Jobs (37+ New Vacancies)

List of Vacancies in World Security Jobs:

  1. Buggy Operator
  2. Customer Service Agent
  3. Executive Protection Agent
  4. Personal Security Detail (PSD) Officer
  5. VIP Security Officer
  6. Executive Security Coordinator
  7. High-Value Asset Protection Specialist
  8. Residential Security Officer
  9. Celebrity Protection Officer
  10. Event Security Manager
  11. Armored Vehicle Operator
  12. Security Driver
  13. Access Control Specialist
  14. Emergency Response Officer
  15. K9 Security Handler
  16. Close Protection Officer
  17. Security Risk Assessor
  18. Crisis Management Specialist
  19. Fraud Investigator
  20. Compliance Officer
  21. Loss Prevention Manager
  22. Threat Analyst
  23. Risk Mitigation Coordinator
  24. Security Auditor
  25. Business Continuity Planner
  26. Aircraft Security Coordinator
  27. Security Liaison Officer
  28. Airport Operations Supervisor
  29. Passenger Screening Officer


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To apply for this job email your details to WS.RECRUITMENT@WORLDSECURITY.AE