King Khalid University Hospital Jobs – 75+ Positions

  • Full Time
  • Dubai UAE

King Khalid University Hospital

King Khalid University Hospital Careers: 75+ Vacancies

List Of Opening Vacancies; King Khalid University Hospital

  1. Anesthesia Consultant
  2. Nurse Specialist
  3. Registrar (ICU)
  4. Consultant (ICU)
  5. Assistant Consultant (Pediatric Emergency)
  6. Nurse Specialist
  7. Deputy Director, Nursing
  8. Staff Nurse II, Psychiatric
  9. Staff Nurse III, Psychiatric
  10. Consultant (Oncology Center-Pediatric Oncology)
  11. Associate Consultant Anesthesia
  12. Registrar Anesthesia
  13. Associate Consultant ( Adult Oncology-Oncology Center)
  14. Registrar ( Laboratory Department—Clinical Biochemistry and Stat Lab Unit)
  15. Assistant Consultant Internal Medicine Department, Pulmonology Unit
  16. Consultant ( Internal Medicine Department, General Internal Medicine Unit, or CTU)
  17. Registrar (Palliative Care-Oncology Center)
  18. Consultant (NICU-Pediatric Department)
  19. Nursing Specialty Manager
  20. Head Nurse
  21. Staff Nurse II
  22. Staff Nurse III
  23. Assistant Head Nurse
  24. Patient Care Technician
  25. Staff Nurse I

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